My clients are usually interested in complex designs which I am going to write about below. However if you need a design in smaller range, contact me, please. I will prepare an individual offer.


We discuss your expectations relating to the design, preferences, we watch photos of plenty different interiors and make crucial decisions.


It is good if you have projections or sections of the rooms covered by the project. However always if it is possible I perform measurements by myself.


I present it in the form of functional projections and suggestion of specific materials for a particular interior. At this stage you have already known what furniture arranging looks like, etc., colours, materials, furniture and many accessories. You are also provided with indicative vision of interior finish expenses. After your acceptance I make visualization.


The same as photos they do not leave any doubts as far as interior arrangement is concerned. If something that you found as a great idea at conception stage, now is not pretty anymore, this is the right moment for changes. Having accepted visualization we move to executive drawings.


Mostly it is: indicating electrical , plumbing system, the scheme of tile layout in bathrooms and halls etc. a drawing of kitchen building furniture, drawings of bespoke building furniture, drawings of g-k panel building , suspended ceilings etc.


This is a chart which my investors do not part with during implementation of the project. There is an inventory of all elements used in the interior with giving prices, producers, amount of materials needed, places of purchase etc.


After completing executive project I suggest my supervision. Its aim is to check the correctness of interior finish works with previously made design.


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