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My aim is to meet expectations of clients dreaming of beautiful interior, at the same time I look after functionality, quality and coherence solutions that I provide.

I graduated from the Architecture Faculty of Wrocław University of Technology. I started to work on my own in 2010, when I started my own designing study. From that time I have completed a number of projects, met a lot of amazing people, who I have been getting well with until now.

What i do?

• I design private interiors as well as public ones.
• I make author designs of furniture
• I care for accurate design recapturing by the investor so a conversation about their expectations, likes and their budget is crucial
• It has not happened so far that anyone has received the design which they were not pleased with. That is why because I arrange every further stage of works with the investor and after each stage they can make changes
• My task is to present the best functional solutions, creating beautiful as well as ergonomic Interiors with maximum consideration of the client’s needs to make them feel like they are designing on their own with the use of my knowledge and experience only.
• I co-operate with building firms, carpenters, kitchen studios, and a numbers of interior equipment shops


mgr inż. arch. Aleksandra Dobosz-Koza

tel. 608 322 626

mail: kontakt@//daart.pl

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